Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

An Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger recovers heat energy from the exhaust gases of a reciprocating Engine and utilises this energy to heat water.

What it is, for All About.

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger Converts exhaust waste heat into a valuable free energy source. An engine exhaust produces waste heat and lots of it. We help our customer to utilises this energy to heat water and converts this heat into a valuable ‘free’ energy source.

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

A reciprocating engine converts fuel into power. A by-product of this process is the creation of heat, which is generated in every part of the engine. However, the largest single area of heat generation is from the exhaust system. Up to 50% of all fuel energy used to power the engine is turned into heat and of this heat 55% comes from the engine’s exhaust system. Without some form of heat recovery this valuable energy source would simply be lost into the earth’s atmosphere. However, by installing an exhaust gas heat exchanger into the engine’s exhaust stream, it can be recovered and used for a variety of heating or cooling requirements, at no additional cost, in terms of fuel used.

Application :

The recovered heat energy can be used for numerous domestic, commercial or industrial applications, including commercial space heating, residential district heating and hot water provision, process heating, heating thermal oil, etc.


In inclusion, when utilized in concert, the Gvision Made Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger become a converter of waste heat into a valuable free energy. Furthermore, fast calibration, easy integration, as well as long maintenance intervals are key features of our system that delivers quality results with minimum downtime.